Project Panel :

Project panel is a user interface designed for portraying information (text and pictures) will be presented to the user at different stages. Content of the panels are depending upon the access rights of each individual users.

User can classified in to four categories:

  1. User
  2. Approver
  3. Admin user
  4. Management

User access can be broadly classified as following:

Let us concentrate on each access Modules to know how each access rights differs in project panel.

Add Project:

User can add or create projects to the panel.

User can create new projects either by clicking on Add project button or import option available in project panel

Below screenshot shows all necessary fields needed to create a project after filling all those fields click on save.

User can copy existing project in order to create similar kind projects.

In some special cases where user wish to create more number of projects at a time, In that case user can opt for import project, where user need to provide all necessary information’s in a desired template and upload.

After preparing the file according with all specified instructions user can import the file to the portal.

Choose the ready excel file and click on import will open up a popup looks like below:

Here we can have a final look on our data and dropdown will facilitate if the data given in the excel was incorrect (Does not exist in DB list) so that user can select among existing data from list and click on submit.

Note: User who has Add project rights cannot have Approve saving access

Edit Project:

User can Edit Project and all its related fields.

User can edit the existing Project fields whenever required if he has Edit project rights. If user has this rights edit icon is available in each projects on his panel as shown below:

After completing all modifications user can update the changes by clicking on Update Project button.

Note: User who have Edit Project rights cannot have Approve saving access.

Delete Project:

User can delete existing projects.

User can delete the old Projects whenever required if he has Delete project rights. If user has this rights delete icon is available in each projects on his panel as shown below:

User can delete the projects just by clicking on delete respective icon of the project.

View All Projects:

User on who has view all project rights can only able to view all project and its details other than this he can’t do any changes in his panel.

User who has this access rights can know the status of the request by color code

Usually management users can have this view project access.

Update Savings:

User who have access to update/edit savings data for any month.

  • These user can update the forecast and Actual data before sending the request.
  • These user can only update actual data when request is pending for approval.
  • These user can update forecast actual data again if it is denied by the approver.
  • These user cannot change anything if it is approved

Note: User who has Update saving rights cannot have Approve saving access.

Approve Projects:

user who have the access to approve/denied the projects. If these user visit project tab all the project which are need to approve or listed as shown below

Admin user can edit necessary project details before approving it by clicking on edit icon as shown below:

By clicking on edit, project edit screen will display to update the existing details as shown below:

Note:It is mandatory to provide saving numbers at the time of project creation, In order to edit forecast and actual savings in project savings tab.

Approve Savings:

user who have the access to approve/denied the saving data. If these user visit Saving tab all the requests are display in his portal as shown below:

User who has Approve saving access cannot have Add Project, Edit Project and Update saving access.