Login Page :

There are four type of users.

  1. User : General member of the organization.
  2. Approver : Usually a user one who also has access rights to approve projects.
  3. Admin : Admin’s are Organizational owner one who creates all users.
  4. Admin users : User who has all access/rights as same as admin.
  5. Management : Top level peoples of the organization usually has view access in all sections.

Users, approver and Management used same login panel as shown below:

Admin and Admin users user same login panel as shown below:

Admin can Manage Projects/reports by clicking on Manage projects/Report buttons. It will take to the user panel.

Admin can login and directly view report by clicking on view report button. The available links can also be share with any user to view report without login

User can see saving type description charts and description by clicking on the below link as shown below: