Email Notification :

Email notifications is to send selected users email about specific activities in the system, such as new user creation, new project creation, when project is approved/denied, saving update and saving approval etc.

Email notifications allow different users to specify required information’s based on their access rights. Below are the some of the situations:

User creation : When the user is created, user will be notified

Project Creation : When project is created approver and admin will be notified

Project Approval status : When project is approved/denied, user will be notified

Savings Update : When Savings is updated approver and admin will be notified

Savings Approval status : When savings is approved/denied, user will be notified

User creation:

When admin created a new user in the organization, he can set an email notifications to the new users with login credentials.

Enter all the required data like name, type, status, departments etc. and click on Add user as shown below. After validating the required field’s new user is created

We can confirm the user is added by finding the details in the view section as shown below:

After adding new users at last we can send an email notification to the users by check the checkbox available and click on send email as shown below:

We will be getting an alert which says credentials are sent to the selected user for our confirmations.

New user will get a Notification mail and the sample template is as shown below:

Project Creation:

If any user creates new project all approver and admin will get notifications on this. Anyone can approve the project to proceed further.

Below screenshot shows all necessary fields needed to create a project after filling all those fields click on save. After saving email notifications will be sent to approver and admin automatically.

Approval request will be send when project is created. Sample Project approval mail template is shown below:

Project Approval Status:

As soon as project created it will be appearing in the approver screen. He can approve/denied the project just by click on the respective links as shown below:

If in the case project owner has approval access too, he can only approve his projects by click on approve icon as shown below:

When project is approved/denied, user will be getting email as status notification. Sample Approval status mail are shown below:

When approver approves the Project request user will be getting below type of mail:

When Project approval request is denied user will be getting below template mail with denied reason mentioned by project approver:

Savings Update:

When any user update savings data approver (choose at the time of creation) or admin can approve the updates.

As soon as user update the monthly savings data and click on request icon as shown above saving approver will get notification mail with month details as shown below:

Savings Approval status:

Saving can be update by the users who has update saving access rights after updating the approval request is send to Approver.

When saving approver approves the saving data user will get below type of mail as notification:

When saving approver denied the approval request user will be getting below mail: