Admin Panel :

Administrator's are Organizational proprietor one who creates all users for association. Apart from user administration he additionally gives the required access rights to every users, role management and also deals with setting up each and individual departmental goal for project management.

Admin panel consisting of following tabs :

  • Dashboard
  • User Profile
  • Access rights
  • Department
  • Top Management
  • Project Type
  • Reset Password

Let us have a look on above tabs one by one:


Dashboard consiting tables and charts, firstly project wise table which gives project name, respective department saving start data, hard and soft saving estimates Assigner, champion and approver names etc.

And a graph which gives Number of projects by date

Hard and soft saving goals with actual data charts

A chart on Number of projects by each department.

And at last a counter box which counts number of projects, ongoing projects , closed projects and number of users as shown in above.

Below screent shot shows full width dahboard design at glance:

User Profile:

User profile tab helps to add new user to the organization. Intially it display all the existing users in the view section as shown below:

We can use either add user button to add new users or we can also have import users option in which we can add more number of users at a time by importing an excel file

Add user:

Click on add user button as shown below

Filled all the required fields and click on add user

Import user:

Click on import user button as shown below

Download the sample format excel file and prepare the data that should validate with all the instruction that is mentioned

Fill all the required details in the excel as shown below

Upload the saved CSV file this procedures will also add new users to the portal

if the username is already exist , Popup will not allow to move further it will give an option to change the username their itself. Updating the username will allow to create a new users.

Update and Delete users data:

We can modify or update the existing users data whenever required and even we can delete users from the organization using followinsg icons:

If clicked on update icon it will open up a edit screen, change the required fileld and clicks on update user button as shown below:

Send Mail:

After user creation we can send the required credential to the user as a notification mail. Check the checkbox for respective users who needs notification mails and click on send mail button

Acess Rights:

User access can be broadly classified as following:

  1. Add Project : User can add or create projects in the panel. User can create new projects either by clicking on Add project button or import option available in project panel.
  2. Edit Project : User has this access can edit exiting projects and all its related fields.
  3. Delete Project : User who has this access can delete existing projects. User whenever projects are not required for any operations.
  4. View All Projects : User who has this access can only able to view all project and its details he can’t do any changes to any projects in his panel.
  5. Update Savings : User who has this access can update/edit savings data of any month before approval.
  6. Approve Projects : User who has this access can approve/denied the projects. If these user who has approver access visited their project panel all the projects which are pending for approval are listed.
  7. Approve Savings : user who has this access can approve/denied the saving data. If these user visit saving tab all the pending requests are displays in his panel.


Department is group which has certain number of users to perform specific kind of operations. Department panel designs consists all existing departments listed as shown below:

Inorder to create new department Click on Add department button

Fill all the necessary fields like department name, start date,end date, hard and soft savings etc and click on add department

We can make changes to the existing department , change the status of the departments( enable/disbale) and even we can delete the department itself by just clicking on below icons:

If we need to update the department details click on edit icon fill all the changes and click on update button as shown below:

If we need to set Hard saving and soft saving yearly goal click on Add Year button it will add an year clolumn and we can set goal in the respectibe year with correspondent departments as shown below:

Top Management:

Click on ‘Add type’ to add new management, It will add new management.

User can use drag and drop to reorder the existing management group as per the necessity.

We can delete unwanted management group which are not required by just click on delete icon as shown below:

Project Type:

Click on Add type to add new project type, It will add new Project type.

User can drag and drop the existing project type to reorder it as per the necessity.

We can delete unwanted project types which are not required by just clicking on delete icon as shown below:

Reset Password:

Reset password is helps to change/reset the password. Here we can opt to set desired password or else choose system generated password